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Friday, August 23, 2013

Pool Bond election Doesn't Float

While the County Council felt they acceded to the wishes of the minority by a 4 to 3 margin, they apparently failed to read the fine print.

Utah Code requires a 2/3 majority for a Special Bond Election.    The logic is, if you are going to ask the voters, you should wait until there is an election.

Caution:   Of course, you must realize that 4/7 = 2/3 may be correct in the new Common  Core  math  because 4 = 2x2 and 2x3 = 6  and 7 is greater than 6. 

So the whole 2013 Bond Election has gone down in FLAMES, wait that's for another post.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Does Wasatch County NEED a Pool? Now?

Whereas, there is currently a movement promoting the construction of an “Aquatic Center” combined with additional recreation fields,

Whereas, the cost of the project was estimated to be $25 to $30 million, to property tax payers of Wasatch County,

Whereas, this would amount to an average cost of $1,000 for every man, woman and child in the county, for construction and an additional $370 in INTEREST

Whereas, the annual cost of bond payments is shown to be about $100 per year, ($100 per year increase in property tax) for the average priced primary residence;

Whereas, an ADDITIONAL annual operating cost deficit of $400,000 to $800,000 is suggested, and that cost will be ADDITIONAL annual property tax of $25 to $50 per year,

Whereas, local commercial property taxes will increase by twice the residential payer amount,

Whereas, a commercial (or second home) property assessed at $800,000 would have an increase in property tax of $500 per year – solely for the construction and operation of the center.

Whereas, the projected use of the Aquatic Center would only be 10 to 20% of the county residents,

Whereas, there are currently several pools available in Wasatch County,

Whereas, there is an excellent aquatic facility available 20 min away in Kamas,

Whereas, there is an informal petition being circulating supporting this pool movement,

Whereas, there has been discussion of possible inclusion on the November 2013 ballot by the Wasatch County Council.

Whereas, a bond election in 2013 would cost the county (taxpayers) additional $10's of thousands of dollars,

Now Therefore, Be it Resolved that We, the undersigned residents, and taxpayers, of Wasatch County, hereby strongly urge the County Council to resist the call to place this issue on the Ballot, particularly in 2013.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Does Wasatch NEED an Aquatic Center?

With all the talk and propaganda promotion for an Aquatic Center for Wasatch County, consider this:

I just saw a pool ad on TV, I don't know if this is the same one, but for $20 million, we could buy (1,550)      endless pools  for more than 40% of County owner-occupied houses and condos: 3,824  in the Heber Valley (and maybe collect more property tax from them.)

(caution that link is a commercial advertisement, not endorsed by this site)