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Friday, November 13, 2015

School Bond PASSES

After defeating the $24M pool and ball fields County bond in 2014, Wasatch voters chose emotion over fiscal savings and passed the $62 million School (and Pool) bond.  Apparently the dislike by parents and school district for the economically viable and efficient Year Round option could not  overcome the plea, "It's for the children" - C'est La Vie.

The results by Precinct (from the "NO" perspective):

 For those wondering about the comparison between the 2014 Pool vote and the 2015 School Bond Vote, see below:

Friday, November 06, 2015

'Inappropriate" Bond Promotion

Has anyone in the school district ever used 'deceptive' (or illegal) tactics before?

2006 'First' school bond for $46 M high school  (aka, give us the money, trust us)  School children were used to bring home flyers to encourage a YES vote

2006 In a private Survey to ascertain public opinion on the school bond:
"The next day (9/28), between 8:15 AM and 10:55PM, the poll received an astounding 87 responses to the survey - even more astounding, 80 were STRONGLY IN FAVOR, 4 were somewhat in favor and 2 were opposed, but only a few were sent from the above mentioned IP addresses.

Are we now witnessing a spontaneous uprising of the masses in favor of better education of "the children" through bricks?

Friday, the deluge continued with 49 "responses" with a mere three opposed. The capping finality occurred late in the evening. The last 13 of the evening were posted from 10:08:07 PM to 10:22:38 from the same IP (Comcast) (or computer?) 13 responses in 14 minutes shows a great deal of thought and consideration, doesn't it."

Where did nearly all the respondent comments originate?  The  "Utah Educator Network IP" 
Read more here

2007:  TnT for 50% TAX Increase   "We're raising teacher salaries."  No, the Legislature did that.
"we, the truth seekers were informed that the school district was awarding a 3.5% pay increase to the school teachers at a cost of $2.6 million to the district. State legislative officials at the meeting were unclear if the district was taking credit for the pay increase mandated and funded by the state or if the local district had funded an addition increase. However, when asked for an estimate of the total payroll, (10, 20 or 80 million??), school officials were unable to come up with an a ready estimate. The figure, according to the 2007 budget, was $10,669,428. (Page 5, item 131) 3.5 % of that is $373,000 NOT $2.6 million."
2008:  In the campaign for the second try for a High School  ($59.5M, this time).  A local radio program was promoting the "fiscally responsible" - "let's be serious" concept.   Being offended by the opposition, two gentlemen from the School District arrived shortly after nearly ever program with a pre-recorded program promoting the virtues of new edifice.  (apparently prepared in the school, during school time and by school employees - who often arrived in a school driver ed vehicle.   (aka expending tax money to promote a bond election)

There's more,  (did we ever report being called to the 'Principal's (aka supt) office) . . . . . .  but, we just had another election;  maybe the 'tricks' will be reported, but it might sound like sour grapes for a loss.  (robo-calls to selected individuals, push survey, interesting donors, activities)   

Friday, October 09, 2015

School Enrollment Projection by Grade

Addendum: Census figures indicate growth may slow in future due to decreasing percentage increase for 0 to 5 age group:

Total % number avg
2014 27,714 7.9% 2,189 438 0 to 5
2010 23,530 9.9% 2,329 466 0 to 5

2014 27,714 32.9% 9,118 507 0 to 18
2010 23,530 33.9% 7,977 443 0 to 18

2014 27,714 25.0% 6,929 533 6 to 18
2010 23,530 24.0% 5,647 434 6 to 18
Notice the actual number for the youngest age group, as well as the % of population, DECREASED from 2010 to 2014 .  These may have been reflected in the kindergarten enrollment last year of 420.  These relatively lower figures flow through the education years.  (note also grade 7 at 422, as another anomaly.)

****Click here for an School Enrollment Calculator***, to allow YOU to predict the growth and incoming Kindergarten enrollment, based on entered 2104 enrollment figures. (and these figures will also change)

Projection of growth are NOT simply 'if we have had a 3% growth in the past, it will continue at 3%' It, obviously, varies year to year and grade to grade. Certainly, the school district has a more sophisticated system, than simply the graph presented, which is not a straight 3%.  

But a table is far more illustrative.  Notice the enrollment figures for last year (base), while the average grade enrollment may be 460, or so, the range goes from low 420's in 1st and 7th grade to 498 in tenth.  
Even with assuming a 3% (or any number you'd like to put in the calculator) the annual increase varies from 4.7% to to 0% over various years – depending on the individual grade size as it flows through the years.

We can guess (or forecast) the incoming Kindergarten, but, generally the grade enrollment flows through the years.   BUT, as usual, please remember that Efficient Utilization of schools is a far better, quicker and SAVES a great deal of Taxpayers Money (Fiscal Responsibility)

Growth Rate3.0%Enter YOUR guess

You can also modify the Kindergarten enrollment, if you have a crystal ball

Any changes made will remain, until the next change
Gradebasenext yr.Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6Year 7Year 8Year 9Year 10






Line 2 is the estimated growth Rate for the entire period

Line 6 is the estimated size of incoming Kindergarten class

Col B is the enrollment from the previous year, moved up one grade
Col D – L automatically moves each grade enrollment up one year.
Projections are automatically calculated from the previous year, adjusted for the growth rate