Wednesday, June 08, 2005

More retail - or - Big Box

Congratulations to the Heber City Council for their rational decision on the Big Box. During that Public Meeting questions were raised about the apparent inconsistent desires of More Shopping Facilities (28% "would like to see in the next five years") vs. Small town feel (28% identified it as the "best about living in Heber). A closer analysis of those wanting more shopping showed that only a third wanted Walmart, Target, etc. but 2/3 of that category want various degrees of other types of retail business (restaurants, clothing, specialties, etc.)

While 5% indicated a desire for a new High School, another 5% decried the deficiencies in the general education system. 14% wanted growth control and 14% complained of traffic and road woes - generally a resultant problem of growth. Rural community and "Small town" were the big winners in the survey.

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