Thursday, October 05, 2006

How Large should a High School be?

In addition to other information on School construction, the Utah State Office of Education provides a chart of Per Student Space Criteria.

The recommendation for Senior High Schools with a 1500 student enrollment is 145 sq.ft./student or a total school area of 217,500 sq.ft.

For 1,000 students they allow 155 sq.ft./student or a total school area of 155,000 sq.ft.

Wasatch School is proposing 308,000 total area or beween 205 and 308 sq.ft./student.

To further clarify, a note is added:
For purposes of this table, Gross Square Feet is defined as the sum of the area on each floor level, measured in square feet from the exterior walls. It includes all rooms, corridors and storage areas, etc.

50 % too large is 50% too expensive

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