Thursday, October 26, 2006

WOW, what did they miss?

After unsuccessfully asking for more detailed information plans about the new High School, they've been found.

For those interested the new proposed $60 million High School, more detailed school plans are available at the Wasatch School website. Click on the various "levels" for PDF files (large, allow a few minutes to download). The plans can then be enlarged for greater detail, to see what the individual rooms are being used for.

Would you believe? (all estimated areas at 1" =16 ft at 200% magnification):

  • Indoor baseball practice about 25 x 80 = 2000 sq.ft. @$150+/sq.ft. = $300,000+
  • "Little Theater/Drama" 2000 sq.ft. (in addition to the auditorium)
  • Varsity Weight room 3200 sq.ft. = $480,000+
  • Three Basketball courts
  • 4,000 sq.ft. of "news set & production studio"
  • Racquetball court
  • 8+ offices in the athletic area
  • A "Student Government" room
  • 5 "team room locker"
  • Ever cognizant of gender equality, there's also a 2000 sq.ft. "cheer/dance" area
  • There are 50 + classrooms, too
    What ever happened to the swimming pool?
  • Look for yourself and decide - WANTS or Needs?

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