Saturday, December 16, 2006

Defining RURAL

The RA-1 development code (and the General Plan) repeatedly mention the purpose and goal of RURAL. Many people seem to have trouble understanding the term, below are a few definitions found on the web which may be helpful in formulating law to institute the stated purposes.

16.27.10 (1) Requirements for Achieving a Rural Landscape Character. Achieving rural landscape character of a subdivision requires promoting the protection of natural resource areas, prominent features of the site, farmland and other large areas of open land, while permitting residential development at low, rural densities, in an open space setting designed to reduce perceived intensity of development. Specific objectives are as follows:
(a) To maintain and protect Wasatch County's rural character by preserving important landscape elements, including those areas containing unique and environmentally sensitive natural features such as stream corridors, wetlands, groundwater, floodplains, ridgelines, geologic hazard areas, steep slopes, and natural areas by setting them aside from development.
(b) To promote a rural feeling along County roads.
(c) To provide for the unified and planned development of larger parcels for clustered, single-family, low density residential uses, incorporating large areas of permanently protected common open space.
(d) To reduce erosion and sedimentation by retaining existing vegetation and minimizing development on steep slopes.
(e) To allow for the continuation of agricultural uses in those areas best suited for such activities and when such activities are compatible with adjoining residential uses.
(f) To permit various means for owning common open space and for protecting it from development in perpetuity.
(g) To promote interconnected greenways and corridors throughout the County.
(h) To promote active and passive recreational use of common open space by residents of a cluster development or by the public.
(i) To encourage more efficient forms of development that consumes less open land and conforms to existing topography and natural features better than a conventional or grid subdivision.
(j) To implement the objectives and policies of the General Plan.
(k) To provide open space that is preserved in such a manner that future development can connect to the open space in existing developments.

Definitions of "RURAL" on the Web (click on the link for the source):

It ain't rocket science, folks!!!

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