Monday, February 26, 2007

Heber City Council Comments on the Big Box Cap 2005

Comments from the Heber City Council about the Big Box June 6, 2005 when the CAP was set at 60,000 sq.ft. on retail business:
  • Councilmember Terry Wm. Lange – “We came to listen. We have learned from all of you the general way people feel.” He said it was important to him to know how the general pubic felt. He suggested this might be a very long-term ordinance change or it might be very short ordinance change. He indicated he would vote the way most of the public wanted. “I hope, as a City Council, we can take the advice and make the best decision we can.” He thanked those that attended and participated in the Hearing.

  • Councilmember (NOW mayor) Dave Phillips - “We have just experienced one of the greatest entitlements of being in this Country.” He said the Big Box Committee made a great presentation to the City Council last Thursday and indicated they had found some middle ground. They suggested the CAP be passed but incorporate some middle ground into it. “We can be the master of our own destiny,” he said. “We can have other opportunities to improve our tax base and have convenient shopping,” he continued. He suggested the Committee didn’t just pull 75,000 square feet out of the air--there was a reason for it.

  • Councilmember Lazenby indicated she had no opinion for it or against it. “Its not about me, its not about my store.” She indicated she would go with the majority. She reviewed the breakdown of the survey of individual responses. She concluded that the majority was for a cap on retail size buildings. Councilmember Lazenby reviewed her summary of the survey. She commented on page 25 and 38 of the General Plan. She indicated her vote would be for the CAP but because it was not perfect, there needed to be further study.

The Council then approved a CAP of 60,000 sq. ft.

To read the complete minutes with public comments, CLICK HERE

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