Thursday, October 11, 2007

Big Box Advertisement response

In response to the full page 10/10/07 ad in the Wasatch Wave (one of a $$$ series), I offer this response:

MIXED UP Chaos Zone

So why would someone like me vote AGAINST the proposed Mixed Use Big Box ordinance?

10 Shopping Convenience: Many Heber Valley residents enjoy an occasional shopping trip to the "big city" only to return to the rural, small town in which they enjoy living.

9 More Time With the Family: If you are spending two trips a week solely to shop in Provo, you may need to either plan better, shop locally or take the family with you.

8 A Stronger Local Economy: Generating a large customer base to support Big Boxes will only cause MORE Growth to feed the incipient beast sending revenues out of the valley.

7 Improved Roads: How in the world does drastically increasing traffic into the most congestion intersection in the Valley improve roads? That congestion may even eat up the suggested saved "time with the family" with local traffic delays.

6 More Money for Education: Sure, there may be some increase in property tax - which will be OFFSET by the education costs of the NEW High Density development allow in the new zone - 20 units per acre or 200 to 300 units stacked 55 ft high, (or 300 new children at $4,000 education cost each or $1.2 Million - for starters.) How much DID your taxes increase this year?

5 A Better Environment?: MORE traffic, MORE emissions, MORE pollution and LESS rural and small town, which the community has said for years is our desire.

4 Additional Restaurants: Will this offset the "Family Dinner Day"? (Eat with your children and save the family resolution) Are more Fast Foods NEEDED?

3 It's the Wrong Time: Why fuel even more explosive growth? Is there never an end to expansion, if Heber City can't grow OUT must it grow UP? Or should it just 'grow up' and respect the community wishes.

2 More Money in your Wallet: The overestimated gas saving predicted will be offset by in INCREASED taxes to cover the extra costs of the proposed development. An annexation study (potential tax income) is NOT a fiscal IMPACT study (costs to the Heber/Wasatch County residents - Heber residents are also county taxpayers)

1 Voting AGAINST the Mixed Up Residential Chaos Zone will help maintain the small town desire clearly expressed by the community.

As always, call their comment line to listen to the circular recording and to have your telephone number collected.

It's a matter of choice - Big city vs. Small town We may already be too late for the "small" town can we at least try to avoid the CITY.

Regrettably, as a non Heber City resident I'm unable to vote on the issue in the upcoming election; hopefully my fellow County residents living inside Heber will not be swayed by thousands of dollars for a series of full page ads to promote a narrow self interest ($$$) but will speak for the community as a whole and reject this proposal!

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading your top ten countdown against the "Mixed-Up Chaos Zone." I find it disturbing that the Boyer Company (Wal-Mart's puppet) is not only running an advertising campaign, but is also funding at least one of the City COuncil candidate's campaigns. That's right--as you may already be aware, it was revealed (by a Boyer Company spokespuppet) at the "Meet the Candidates" night at UVSC Wasatch campus that the Boyer Company is sponsoring Keith Rawlings' campaign. Of course, they have some sort of division named "Letter 23" or something to that effect writing the checks, and Mr. Rawlings claimed not to know whether they were funded by the Boyer Company. I find it hard to believe that he didn't take the time to find out who this entity was who offered to pay for his campaigning (and apparently handed him a large stack of "Vote Yes on Heber 1" signs to distribute). What do you think of the situation? I'd like to read your take on this situation. I personally feel like I can't support a candidate who will allow himself to be swayed or bought out by a big developer. I'd rather have someone who will stand up for the community's wishes and not cave in to the empty promises these developers are so good at making.