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Wasatch County Change of Government 2002

As change is once again being studied and considered in Wasatch County, this previously unpublished, incomplete and unedited manuscript draft of the trials and tribulations of the several year (successful) adventure is hereby posted for any and all to read.   Names are named, reports may not make some happy, but, hey, it's over ten years since Wasatch chose a Council form of Government.

The FORM is better, but changes within the government could make it even better.   Politics, lawsuits, fighting, animosity, greed, power - what more could anyone desire.   It may be reminiscent of an alley fight or  intercranial feud.   Why in the world did we need to go to the Utah Supreme Court?   How much did the lawyers make?   Why did the County sue itself or the taxpayers or each other?   Why support, then disrupt?
Who were the players?    Nah, you probably won't find the answers here; mainly because you won't read it.

But here is history written at the time of occurrence, interspersed with court transcripts, depositions and various trite comments.   How can you resist.   The cost FREE, ZERO, nothing, which won't reflect the value to those who experience the change which some thought resembled menopause, others a revelationary experience, or maybe that should be revolutionary.     

Written only for those who were there, those who like to know what really happened, and those who are studying the current change.     Enjoy!    My personal apologies as to any imperfections found, it is as it was left, unfinished, in 2002.   Much more remains in old computer files, but this is undoubtedly all that will be printed.   As far as I can remember, there may have been a few who read some of this ten years, most said let the sleeping dog lie.  Arf, arf!   

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it."  (Wasatch may be doing this)
Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose   (the more that changes, the more it's the same thing)  The reasons for the change still exists, it wasn't the form.  The changed helped, but did not cure.
Memoirs of a Movement
Analysis of local politics

Wasatch County - Tuesday, November 7, 2000: The voters officially approved the proposed Change of Government for Wasatch County - The people rejoice, but the whining continues.  25 February 2002 Judge Eyre decides ". . . it is the intent of this court to give effect to the express will of the people . . ."

Read it here, comment below, if you'd like, I'd be interested to hear, what you think it says.

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