Monday, July 08, 2013

Heber City Race websites

Heber City Mayoral Candidate Websites.

Alan McDonald       “My mission is to provide local government leadership that improves the quality of life of Heber City residents by reducing the financial and regulatory burden imposed by the city, promoting economic growth and the success of local businesses, and preserving the character and heritage of the city."

Mike Bardole       "Accountability and Transparency"

Erik Rowland      (Resigned)    "Thank you everyone…"

Heber City Council 

Anissa Wardell    "As I make my way around the city and talk to people I have noticed that one of the top issues with most residents is what is happening at Heber Light & Power. It’s not a surprise that this is at the top of the list of concerns as Heber City residents we have the right to be concerned. "
Danny Goode      " If elected I will launch a new era of full transparency and accountability at City Hall. After every City Council meeting I will post to this website the agenda, minutes, and tell you my thoughts and explain my votes regarding city issues. You may not always agree with me, but you will always know where I stand."
Joe Chenworth       "He is a fiscal conservative.  His primary goal is to give a voice in local government back to the citizens of Heber City. "
Kelleen Potter     " I believe in good government.  Like a good recipe, good government requires some specific ingredients.    The beauty of local government is that it requires a certain level of consensus to accomplish anything."
Rod Hopkins     "I believe Heber City is a well-managed corporation due in large part to sound fiscal practices and a city staff that are very dedicated.  As a new member of the City Council, I would be in favor of continuing this conservative fiscal approach to the management of our city."

Heidi Franco     "Protecting Open space, clean air. . . your property rights.  Fiscal Conservative  Ethical Principles."

Mike Thurber

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