Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Wasatch Schools' GRADING

Heber City, Wasatch County:   The just released Utah School report grade indicates that Wasatch schools are, well,  . . . .  . . . average.

One news report indicates that "Eleven percent of Utah’s 855 public schools earned an A, 45 percent a B, 30 percent a C, 10 percent a D and 4 percent an F. Grades are based on a combination of student growth and student performance on criterion-referenced tests in language arts, math and science given in the spring of each year."

Another report states "School grades are calculated on a "bell curve," which means most Utah schools fall somewhere in the middle, "     This means a grade of 80% can earn a "A"  (JR Smith) and a 79% drops you to a "B"  (Old Mill).   That difference is accounted for by a grand total of FIVE points out of 600. 

The full graded report can be found here  ( the grades MAY be based on Utah Comprehensive Accountability System (UCAS) 2013 data, which does not seem to be available yet)  and here for the 2012 UCAS report .    For (apparently) the legislators' view of grading click here.  (Provides a spreadsheet download for ALL schools)

As "curve" grading is often seen as unfair (an A for 80% and a  C for 60% ??? )  and analyses based on more data generally provide more accurate results, this table gives an overview of both sets of data, with an Adjusted Grade (Adj) based on both ratings:

Points Percent Grade UCAS Avg Adj
HVE 368/600 61% C 56% 59% D
Midway 378/600 63% C 65% 64% D+
JR Smith 480/600 80% A 86% 83% B
Old Mill 475/600 79% B 92% 86% B+
Timp Inter 418/600 70% B 69% 70% C
Rocky Mtn Middle 446/600 74% B 87% 81% B
Wasatch High 508/750 68% C 66% 67% C-

It appears an $80 million High School may not have attained its suggested academic results, but, that may be OK to many because the primary purpose (sports) seems to be thriving.

As everyone likes to compare to "neighbors," here are some neighborly ratings:

Park City High 594/750 79% B 86% 83% B
No Summit High 556/750 74% B 77% 76% B-
So Summit High 485/750 65% C 67% 66% C-
Duchesne High 581/750 77% B 88% 83% B
Union High 431/750 57% D 81% 69% C-
No Summit Elem 414/600 69% C 79% 74% C+
So Summit Elem 439/600 73% B 71% 72% C
Duchesne Elem 383/600 64% C 67% 66% C-
Jeremy Ranch Elem 475/600 79% B 78% 79% B-

The idea of ratings on GROWTH and PROFICIENCY seems to be be valid - time will tell if it provides valuable information for system USERS. 

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