Monday, December 16, 2013

Mil Rate or NEEDS

The idea of "we haven't raised the mil rate in years" or "we have a much lower rate than our neighbor" is at best a specious argument for a tax increase.   (At worst, it is intentional deception)
(Gee, our taxes would be CHEAP compared to Park City. even with an 80% increase)

You may have noticed the chart on the front page of the Wave demonstrating how much Wasatch needs/deserves/wants a tax increase.  The chart is basically mil rate expressed as property taxes 

As we should be aware, the question is NOT about mil rates, but about expenditures, the continuing discussion of mil rates simply disguises the truth.   Higher property values result in MORE revenue with lower rates.    Below is another look at the issue:

The first two columns are from the website, property value is computed as calculated as budget/mil rate.   The asterisks indicate the ones which  were used for WCFD propaganda purposes.   A better comparison would consider population, someone else can do that one.

Fire districts
mil rate Fire budget
Property Value
Park City 0.00095 $10,248,496 * $10,787,890,526.32
Wasatch 0.000244 $782,364
Millard 0.000314 $659,762 * $2,101,152,866.24
No Davis 0.001444 $1,922,516
Weber No. View 0.001131 $1,432,722
No Tooele 0.000771 $804,700
Moab 0.000489 $415,873 * $850,456,032.72
Juab 0.000793 $634,460
So Summit 0.000311 $221,575 * $712,459,807.07
No Summit 0.000589 $268,264 * $455,456,706.28
Castle valley 0.000427 $37,939

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