Friday, March 07, 2014

Tax Receipt Bonanza

What do you call it when you receive more property tax money than requested or budgeted?
  • Very good planning
  • The joy of growth
  • Magnificent management
  • Inflation
  • Pure luck
  • More money to SPEND
  • Time for a tax CUT
  • Shh, don't tell anyone
In 2013, most Wasatch governmental entities collected between 5 and 12% MORE than budgeted.
WCFD, which is requesting a near 80% tax increase, received 6.61% over budgeted.

Here are the figures for the largest recipient of property taxes:


Anissa said...

It seems to me that the county entities need to not raise any taxes and/or they need to give the money back!

The Management said...

I posted this on the Facebook page for Wasatch County politics to see what people feel about this. Thanks for the information.