Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Pool is Drained; Public Safety Building not Supported

Local voters, aka Tapayers, in a reasonably good turnout vetoed the $24 M pool with a strong NO vote.  

Of the 49% who actually voted, 97% cast their vote on the issue and over 53% effectively said "We can't afford it!"

Number of Precincts 37
Precincts Reporting 37 100.00%
Times Counted 6241/12718 49.10%
Total Votes 6064 97%
For 2834 46.73%
Against 3230 53.27%

On another vote, which ended up as only a "straw poll," with a similar turnout 57% of Heber City voters registered the disapproval of the Public Safety Building saying they do NOT favor it by a 57% majority.  
As someone jumped the gun and put the issue on the ballot before the petition signatures were collected, the vote was not supposed to be tabulated and is not a valid legal rejection of t he proposal.
Hopefully, the City leaders will take this under advisement, but they've already approved the contract to build the project at over $7 Million.   

Only 7% of those who voted, did not weigh in on the issue. But 57% who did cast a ballot said NO, thanks.  (Many are going to be surprised that their vote was meaningless!!!)


Number of Precincts 14

Precincts Reporting 14 100.00%
Times Counted 2615/5352 48.90%
Total Votes 2431 93%
Yes 1043 42.90%
No 1388 57.10%

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