Monday, February 08, 2016

Airport Expansion

The Airport EXPANSION has been renamed as the Heber Airport "Safety Upgrade" as part of the new push for growth.

The Heber City Council did approve the purchase of the Maverik gas station land under threat of eminent domain for ca. $1.4 Million ($70K by Heber City) plus a $30K appraisal, etc. study.

In (FY) 2017 an updated Airport Master Plan will begin (for $300,000) which in all likelihood will provide everyone with 101 ways expansion will benefit YOU, the taxpayer, and demonstrate the NEED for more safety.   FROM THE 2003 ARCHIVES   Airport Feezabiliity Study

Read the post below about an alternative 'safety' option.

An on-line petition requesting a vote of the people before spending $30,000,000 on airport
EXPANSION in the future.

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Anonymous said...

"Chairman McQuarrie shared his and Board Member Phillips' belief that it was important to educate the public and the new Council Members on the issue concerning the airport upgrade,and that it be referred to as a safety upgrade, rather than an expansion."

Airport Board Minutes line 34 12-16-2015