Thursday, July 13, 2006

More Developments - Pre 2003

Many of these developments were approved by the old County Commissioners prior to the cahnge of government. Some of partially complete, most are still waiting for who knows what.

At an average of merely 3 persons per Household, these 7600 ERU's could account for 22,800 people in Wasatch County. (Many may be secondary homes, which are generally an economic benefit to the county.)

pre 2003North Villageestimated1000
pre 2003Sorensonestimated1000
pre 2003Beaufontaine1600 E Lake Ck Rd.estimated100
Nov 2002Crossings(150 shown above)538336
2005Strawberry Pines3161002
pre 2003Cobblestone1200 Ssome remaining12798
pre 2003Lake Creek FarmsWild Maresome remaining
pre 2003Greener Hills
pre 2003Victory Ranchestimated1000
pre 2003Aspens at Jordanelle1348
pre 2003Tuhayeestimated600
pre 2003Hideout Canyonestimated100
Midway ???
Heber City???
Aug 2006Red Ledges14681900
Aug 2006Spring Hollow3200 E Lk Ck1926
Aug 2006The Woods600 S 2200 ECobblestone912

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