Saturday, August 05, 2006

Comments - Benefits of Developments

6. What do you see as the benefits of new developments?
increasing propety values for existing landowners
Added tax base and continued increase in value of property in county for benefit of all. Need to be sure the new developments fully pay for themselves in relation to initial and ongoing costs of support and infrastructure.
none for me
tax base increased
More excellent people with talent, energy, and resources reside as our neighbors and help build this county as the best place to live in the nation.
Development has the potential of creating fresh ideas and creativity. HOWEVER. . . see 7.
There are none unless they bring with them plenty of capital to modernize access to and egress from the subdivision.
new property to be taxed
at the present time, as a developer, plenty. as a ciitzen not much. history has shown new developments do not pay their way. I an tired of picking up the pieces.
Land owners get fair value. Community gets fresh faces with new ideas, talents, and varied interests. Steady growth keeps the whole area vibrant.
some new and interesting people
Slow sustained growth of population will eventually attract more and varied services
More taxes
Not much if anything.
I can't think of any. It seems there are always many existing homes for sale, so why do people feel they have to build new homes and take up rural land, while others are available.
from (#5) question- 30 houses clustered with open space. The benefits of new developments are CCR's so there are no dead cars in the front yard, underground utilities to eliminate power poles. They are inevitable, we have to make the best of them.
To provide housing for the growing demand in the valley. To upgrade the housing supply. New housing provides the type of product that the current buyers are looking for using the current building codes and requirements.
To line the developers pockets.
More tax dollars spent to improve existing areas in the valley.
nothing but income from taxes
there are no benefits, unless developers pay their full way. Projects must be small and must bring something to the community besides people.
If planned correctly, with proposer lot sizes, open space, restrictive covenants on size and quality of homes, these new developments within the county could be a real asset. Improved/expanded services, increased retail options, and a more diverse culture.
affordable housing for families to remain in the valley if they can
Rapid economic growth for the county, fortunes for the landowners and developers.
Nice, beautiful homes in a well managed area. Parks and recreation facilities available. The increase in population will probably force businesses to improve their outward appearance and will, for certain, bring additional businesses into town.
PUD's tend to bring in development in a more orderly way with more attractive homes. Otherwise there is a tendancy to have a really nice home next to a broken down shack.
1. More diverse social, cultural, and economic base. 2. Increased tax base.
Economic benefits to home construction and vendors who sell to that industry. Additional economic benefits to merchants who have more customers.
None, really.
Bringing more diversity to the valley
A larger tax base for the community.
We have already set the standard. One can not say to one you can have more and to another you are limited. The rules were broken too long ago to allow anything else. By allowing 5 acre limits and such we are setting the county up for litigation as there are too many examples of homes long in exisitance on smaller parcels by having a name or paying for the favor.
There are no benefits of growth in the County. The Cities should be allowed to grow into the county. This reduces the cost of growth. Water, sewer, police, etc. are real expences the could be saved. Wasatch County wants to be a city at the expence of the tax payer of the incorporated areas of the county. The benefits of letting the cities grow in the the county whould certainly keep the unincorpated area RURAL.
It is the trend for our area. Too many places are under development to limit growth of those who have not sold out yet. Maybe all the impact fees will help build better roads and services we don't get living rural.
New growth will help to broaden the ideas of those who have only seen one way.
development brings change and change is good. It makes you appreciate what you have so you stand for theose things that mean the most to you.
I don't think that it is a benefit it just means that people found a new place to develop.
Developers monetary gain. The wealthy move into their dream homes and the less fortunate are on waiting lists to apply for housing assistance.
Not any benefits.
More tax dollars
I don't see benefits. The more houses that are built, the less our house is worth and the more saturated the housing market is
none, we have enough.
increased property tax revenue for the county/ The are benifits if the developor puts in parks, trails open to everyone
More property taxes for the county.
large one acre lots often become unkept and cluttered, half acres are large, but can be kept looking nice. New developments benefit housing needs.
none Big box forces businesses out..
Lower Tax
New talent to the vally people with life experance that can give us insigned adds some tax base maybe some new bussness.
Increased tax base to be used on community projects, improvements, etc. Higher standard for property aesthetics. New people and new businesses to add to local diversity.
New poeple moving into the area
gives and option for the people that grew up here to find a home to start of their own.
add to tax base
Very little
economic growth, new people with new ideas
Easier to buy drugs with more people, more people would speak spanish
tax revenue
Very little.
Hopefully more diversity a few better services. Small businesses are more likely to stay in business. Hopefully enough people to improve the High School

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None for the community as a whole but alot of $$$ for individuals selling their land.