Saturday, August 05, 2006

Comments - Problems with developments

7. What problems do you foresee with new developments?
pollution, increased txes, urban sprawl, loss of smal town feel, traffic congestion, noise, loss of public safety.
Destruction of a once beautiful valley
Added drain on infrastructure resources if they don't pay for it fully in taxes.
tax increase/more traffic
congestion ,crowded schools and increased traffic. Valley would lose its charm and pollution would be increased. Increased garbage in landfills which might make it necessry for mandatory recycling.
crowds traffic higher taxes air pollution noise pollution light pollution
Congestion, loss of rural environment, polution, tax increases.
Large numbers of people in concentrated geographical areas tend toward crime and failure to know your neighbors. Los Angeles was my last location. Please have enough foresight to avoid creating their problems. "More money for the county" is an extremely high price to pay for all of the big city problems which suck that money away from more vital needs.
Devlopers don't fund them properly and should be forced to landscape them before they are sold. Some homes go ten years before they are landscaped leaving dust bowls throughout the county.
more demands for a City-like business base
Water. Sewer and the lack of a careful process by our government. They seem more interested in pleasing the developer at the expense of common sense.
Crime, Infrastucture impact (sewer, water, roads), traffic. Are we really wanting to become another Park City?
Increased infrastructure and support service costs. Danger of losing the thing that makes everyone want to come here in the first place.
crowding, traffic, pollution, loss of community, crime, increased taxes, rising costs, crime, graffitti, gangs, citification,etc.
In the past, the County has maintained a fast track of growth, without regards to the consequences of their actions. They are supposed to represent the interests of the population instead of a few people and developers who will profit at the populations expense. New developments are not problems, too many develoments are going to be the problem.
More taxes
The cost of land and housing is outrageous. Our children can not afford to get into a small place let alone purchase 5 acres. Then all of the charges on top of that before they can even begin to build a home. Then there are the $ hungry land owners who are holding out to sell their property as one big chunk to a developer.
More traffic, sidewalks, lights,more schools-which we are already paying alot for the ones we have now,more demand on county services. The county seems to discourage many big businesses in, and they are needed with more people. Many residents already leave the county to shop.
Having them pay for themselves. The developer just forwards the costs to the buyer. Then people complain about their children affording a home here. Aspen, Vail, Telluride, Jackson Hole, Sun Valley etc, have not been able to fight it either. Roads need to be widened, and more stop lights on Main Street! More kids in school- we can't just build more schools, we have to pay teachers more to attract QUALITY teachers. That's what the new arrivals are expecting from our education system.
To many to fast, not enough infrastructure to maintain so many new people, main street is a death trap for our children, you can't cross main street unless you are at a light anymore.
The cost is out of control! New developments need to provide funds for truly affordable housing.
Increased traffic in rural areas with drivers not obeying speed limits. It was nice to go for a leisure drive in rural areas, now becoming not an option. Law enforcement rarely enforces speed limits, probably too busy with other issues brought on by increased population density. Developers expect water to be supplied to them, just because they want to develope.
Crowded streets, crime, pollution, greed.
Increase taxes,traffic congestion, pollution, over crowding,loss of rural feel
too much traffic, pollution, and overload on fire protection, and schools...I am old and I am sick of bonds
over running of water, sewer. pollution in the valley that we can not control. traffic, school impacts that are not now paid for by the developer. destroying of open space. destroying the watershed. And new developments seem to bring the need for more services that we neither need or want. New developments allow for our government to get larger and larger with no controls but plenty of spending. We need some wisdom from those involved and not deal making.
If poorly controlled and planned, the only benefit to would be increase retail options, but the quality and quantity of services available would decrease due to an overtaxed governmental system, crime rates would increase, damage to the environment would be greatly increased, and the quality of life would generally be degraded.
Higher taxes to cover increased needs like sewer, water, roads, law enforcement. Housing prices are too high for regular incomes. Restrictions in associations are expensive, limiting and unconstitutional.
too much density and not enough open space, trails, overall planning that is not changed by whims of those whose friends want to sell their property to developers for high density housing. Housing follow the guidelines of a plan that is secure.
1. What appears to be wide spread, haphazard development without sensible planning. 2. Spread of noxious weeds throughout the county with no enforcement of weed control required by developers and land owners. 3. Absentee landowners who take no interest at all in maintaining desirable vegetation such as range grass species to compete with undesirable vegetation. 4. Transportation of noxious weed seeds along with fill dirt and top soil from one site to another. 5. Loss of quality rural life style in Heber Valley. 6. Influx of drugs, gangs, and other undesirable elements into the Valley.
Too much growth for Heber City as it is now built. Overcrowded streets. Downtown Heber has too many cars/trucks/semis as it is.
Totally crowding out the farmland so that the area becomes too "metropolitan".
1. traffic congestion 2. conflicts between gricultural and residential users 3. increased demand for public services 4. increased air pollution
School crowding, rising property taxes, traffic congestion, noise and light polution, increases in crime and stress on county services.
Increased population. Increase demand for services. Increased taxes.
infrastructure not keeping up
More crime.
We have issues to face in the future with the ability to service all the homes. Where will all the trash go? The costs to haul and fill other counties landfill will one day leave us holding our own trash in a place we have not planned to do so! We will then charge the residents more for the services we can not provide as we did not prepare! The same is true of sewer. And with all the deveoplment that is under way let along upon the tables more trash and waste are coming! It appears as if one thought this area was going to be like timberlakes an area where people would build, pay taxes and leave for the rest of the year. People love it here and are willing to llive here no matter the cost. Ten years from now you will look in the phone book and names of the founders will no longer dominate the book it will be new people as the third generation after the founders sold out.
As the growsth accures in the unincorporated areas of Wasatch County there is a burden placed upon the Citizens in the cities in Wasatch County. Everyone shares for expences for say snow removal, Sheriff Dept., road repair, etc. Even though YOU pay for the expences incurred, you don't received the the same treatment if you live in the cities. Midway residents are charged for the Sheriff patroling the streets of Midway. When the snowplows reach the city limits the blades go up. I hope the citizens in the cities wake up soon before they are taxed to death subsidising the the people the live in the unicorporated ares of the county.
Taxes shouldn't go up but they will. We will have more employees and we already are heavy on that end of the scale. We are lacking the infrastructures talked about for years and yet nothing has been done about the talk. We need traffic off Main Street so it is a town rather than a freeway. This means the county and the city have to work as a team rather than two separate cities as they have done for years. We need to work with Daniel, Charleston and Midway. The plan needs to be for the betterment of all of the area rather than benefiting those in office with land or those in office working on borads for a pay check rather than serving. It has been like that for years. The number of new people hopefully won't put up with the networkings that have controlled things from schools to cops it will be a change but one for the better.
Development needs to include low lighting and planned areas for open space. The open space should have a purpose ratehr than just being left as weeds or liability to land owners and County as fire hazard.
The biggest problems will be those of transportation and services to the new developments. We will need more postal delivery people, water and sewer containment and treatment pants. Schools, parks, shopping and churches will be added to the mix. More people living here will demmand more areas for businesses. A palce should be planned for this. Get the city of Heber and Midway together with the County and plan where the shops will be and where the roads will be. Plan the traffic flow and build accordingly. Don't do what happened down at the new area where the two schools are in an industrial park - that was planning without a plan! Kids and trucks are not a good mix.
We see things that were traditions change because size changes the atmosphere of being small. Celebrations become events and the crowds get bigger with fewer faces that you recognize.
No water! Urban sprawl. Muirfield,Timpmeadows etc...........Cottage Homes.........Zermot......
No water, more crime.
Water issues, health issues, safety issues.
Force infrastructural changes. Increase our property taxes, and decrease the rural way of life we have i this valley
More traffic. No more small town atmosphere. More crime.
rising taxes and over crowded schools.
loss of farmland/
Traffic, loss of character of the valley, profits going to people from outside this valley and outside the state, pollution, noise, light pollution.
The lots sizes larger and more expensive. It will allow only higher income people moving here to be able to afford the cost.
They cost existing homeowners, higher values, higher taxes, etc. There must be an impact fee for preserving open space and paying for impacts.
Forcing small family owned businesses out,Too much traffic,not enough WATER!
Crowding,Schools, Water, Power, Road Use
Sewer, Water, Ifrastructure, grabage, crime, and schools finding the balance wil be the hardest part. once a grain it all comes to planing and vision.
Loss of open space; traffic; rising property taxes; need for other businesses and services that again drive further growth. Limited but growing pollution due to traffic and construction industries. Increased crime both in terms of population demographics and new "targets." Effects of economic disparity on community relations.
Too much growth, large beautiful fields being turned into housing developments
Brings in so many people and raises the prices of the homes already here.
cost of infrastructure, policing, water and sewer
No more a nice place to live. Just take a look at Salt Lake.
smog, traffic, noise
drug lord competition
over burden of schools
More governmental services, necessary educational infrastructure, increased traffic demanding expanded roads, traffic lights, drive times; decreased air quality, WATER PROBLEMS, and more.
More traffic, smog. Less open space, privacy

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