Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Recordings of Public Meetings

Effective 1 May 2006 all public meetings must be recorded and made accessible to anyone. "(3) (a) The minutes and recordings of an open meeting are public records and shall be available within a reasonable time after the meeting."

A request was made for the recording of the joint County - City meeting and a fee of $12 was required for the CD. Subsequent to that request the County Council decided that the county should recover the cost of the equipment required to record the meetings and the fee was raised to $20.

A logical question to be asked - who paid for the recording equipment? Obviously the taxpayers. With the idea toward transparency in government and providing information on all government activity, shouldn't the county residents have the information available at no or minimal cost? Or better yet why not post the recordings on the web as the Utah legislature does? People have the right to know!!

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