Saturday, September 23, 2006

What to do about growth

1 Educate Yourself

To find the rules of growth, planning and zoning, see County Title 16, the County General Plan for Wasatch County. For Heber City, see the Heber City Code (particularly Titles 17 & 18).

To read the City survey, click here - Big Box for the presentation and results

Other contacts, Wasatch County Heber City and we mustn't forget Midway

2 Inform your Neighbors

In Wasatch County, Empty land has Property Rights, People in HOMES do not! The avowed purpose of "Zoning" is to protect the health, safety and welfare of the community. That must include the current residents who have repeatedly expressed their collective desire to maintain a rural, small town environment.

They have built and purchased homes at least partly predicated on promised zoning. Regulations are being continually modified toward higher and higher densities and more and more growth in defiance of the expressed desires of the residents.

3 Express your Opinions

To contact your elected officials, see County Council and Heber City Council and/or the Mayor or City Manager

Mike Davis Wasatch County Manager, 654-3211 fax 657-5116

Mark Anderson Heber City Manager, 654-0757
Alan Fawcett Planning Director, 654-4830

4 We need to understand, we ALL live in Wasatch County!

(The recent growth survey was posted at Preliminary results were posted below in this blog.)

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