Friday, December 07, 2007

County Payrolls

With Budget hearings now in progress, you may be interested in the Wasatch County payroll.

These figures seem to be base salaries, without fringe benefits, overtime etc. The site has many other municipal payrolls, but does NOT include Heber City:

Here are the top 12 on the payroll of 243 listed:

Phil D Wright - Health - $97,631
Michael Davis - County Manager - $88,866
Dennis Hansen - Prevention - $86,491
Alfred S Mickelsen - Planning and Zoning - $85,735
Kent J Berg - Public Works - $83,059
Thomas L Low - Attorney - $81,224
Don Jay Wood - GIS Date Processing - $77,725
Gordon Paul Wilson - Engineering - $75,868
Corinna A Porter - Mental Health - $75,599
Tracy Richardson - Health - $71,436
Kenneth Vanwagoner - Sheriff - $71,269
Sharon Jensen - Mental Health - $68,014

Wasatch County 2007 Budget


Anonymous said...

I understand that some of our highest paid people on this list have Master, or Juris Doctrate but, so do a lot of great School teachers in the Wasatch School district. Why are paying these officials these amounts and our school teachers live on pennies???

Anonymous said...

Where are salaries for Council Members, JSSD's etc.? Can these be found anywhere??