Friday, June 06, 2008

HUB Intersection - Gridlock Coming Soon???

Let's talk TRAFFIC - Most Wasatch County residents have, I'm sure, noticed a massive increase in traffic in recent years to the residential growth. A new study has been released showing the effect of the Boyer Development (Valley Station, formerly Crossings at Heber, aka Walmart, Big Box, etc.) on the most crowded intersection in the Valley. US 40 and SR 189 or the Hub Intersection.

The DMJM Harris summarized results of the study can be downloaded here. This summary is based on the Boyer traffic analysis on the Heber City website. While that analysis contained a lot of numbers, it was short on conclusions. A private citizen hired a firm for an interpretation of the numbers.

The Conclusion: "The addition of project (Boyer development) traffic significantly increases the delay at the two intersections that operate poorly, and also cause the 910 South/100 West and US-40 and/1000 South intersection to change from an acceptable LOS (level of service) to LOS F."

Here's UDOT's definition of LOS F: "LOS F represents the breakdown of traffic flow – “failure” of the system.The condition exists wherever the amount of traffic approaching a point exceeds its capacity. Queues form behind such locations and vehicles may progress in a stop-and-go fashion. It can take two or more cycles to wait through a signal operating at LOS F."

The Harris study also reports that "Based on the Heber City criteria all intersection should be improved to LOS C or better." (Does this mean Heber City did not understand the numbers - or were ignoring them?)

As a result of this report another enterprising citizen has started a Petition to "
request that the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) WITHHOLD APPROVAL of the Boyer/Heber City access agreement for the US-40/US-189 intersection in Heber City, UT until a safer plan is in place."

The petition is available at various local businesses and online for signatures.

UDOT held a meeting in Heber in 2007 where the intersection was discussed a report of the meeting is available here. The complete official minutes are here.

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