Thursday, August 06, 2009

Heber City Salary Update -2009

The Top Ten 
Mark Anderson  **City Manager**    $97,737 up $2,224 +2.3% 
Edward Rhoades **Chief Of Police** $79,568 up $2,245 +2.9%
Bart Mumford ***Engineer*** $78,363 dn $ 614
Steve Tozier *Director Public Works* $72,378 up $5,732 +8.6%
Jason Bradley **Police Sergeant** $68,099 up $2,425 +3.7%
Wesley Greenhalgh *Building Official* $67,481 up $921 +1.4%
J.m. Smedley ***City Attorney*** $66,310 up $1,952 +3.0%
Mike Clegg ***Sergeant Police*** $66,145 up $6,092 +10.1%
Donald Blackburn *Building Inspector* $60,044 not top 10
Anthony Kohler Senior Planner $58,318 not top 10
Source   Previous Report 2008 


Jeff Jones said...

According to Heber City Code which unfortunately now the link as of 8/11/09 at 7:02 pm was not working, the City Manager is limited to a maximum of a 3 year term. From the records at Heber City, Mark Anderson has been the City Manager since 1998, a total of eleven years. I have to assume that his contract is up in one year? Does anyone know what his salary started at in 1998 and is his contract public record. I can not find it. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

You could (1)search the on-line minutes; (2)ask the City for a copy; (3)ask a Councilperson, or (4) file a GRAMA request.