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City Resolves NO Airport Upgrade

City Resolves NO
Airport Upgrade
The Heber City Council has passed a resolution "opposing the . . . Airport becoming a CII. . . "
WHEREAS, the Heber City Council, as well as our Airport Advisory Board, are in the process of several actions and decisions that are affected by whether or not we, as the sponsors of the Heber Airport, are willing to expand our airport from a BII to a CII standard, (such as existing and potential FBO, SSO and hanger leases, funding needs from the airport operations and potential shortfalls needing funding loans from Heber City, etc.), and
WHEREAS, many among our citizens want us, as the sponsor, to take a position, for or against said expansion, and
WHEREAS, there are many, yet to be determined or affirmed, financial implications both from expansion to CII or remaining a BII, and
WHEREAS, we need to get final determinations of these implications (as soon as possible), in order to become better informed in our council airport decisions, as well as being able to better inform our citizens and others who are making decisions for activities at our airport,
NOW, THEREFORE, it is hereby resolved by the Heber City Council, of Heber City, Wasatch County, Utah, the Heber City adopts Resolution No. 2016-9- A Resolution Opposing the Heber City Airport Becoming a CII Airport and Asking our Congressional Delegation and Governor for Assistance in Confirming with the FAA the Financial Ramifications of our Choosing to Stay as a BII Status Airport. 

A Further Motion . . . 

was discussed in the same meeting to require a citizen's initiative to approve such a decision. That motion was tabled for further consideration.
As reported in this newsletter some months ago:  "Recently an online petition was posted (click here) requesting the Heber City Council to pass a resolution or ordinance declaring non-support for a expansion to a CII airport allowing (encouraging) more airport traffic."    (Thanks to the Council for their consideration And ACTION)

Wasatch County Council also weighs in on the Airport Discussion
 In a "public Information Meeting," the Council heard input and asked questions about Airport Expansion, (View Here), pointing out the County Master Plan did NOT favor airport growth.

Why is a Petition STILL needed?
This was an excellent step in the RIGHT direction.  A further analysis should support what the Valley residents already seem to understand.  An Airport expansion is neither wanted NOR needed. 
Currently there are nearly 300 signers of the on-line NO EXPANSION petition, with nearly half adding personal comments.  
The Council may need more encouragement to follow the wishes of Heber valley residents!!!!    ASK FIVE OF YOUR NEIGHBORS AND FRIENDS TO SIGN THE PETITION!!!!

Consider the last large building project approved by the City Council - The nearly completed Public Safety Building: 
  • Heber needed a new public safety building, (and a new Justice Court??). Several public meetings were held to promote the idea. The elected official supported it and voted for it. Did the people support?  (Were the really ASKED?)
  • A few diligent, watchful citizens attempted a ballot initiative to determine support by an official VOTES, but they failed to obtain enough signers. However, the question DID end up on the ballot – but only as a "straw poll" as the vote was not supposed to be tallied. However, the actual voting results WERE posted.
  • With a similar turnout as the election, Heber City voters registered their disapproval of the Public Safety Building saying they did NOT favor the expenditure - by a 57% majority.
Only 7% of those who voted, did NOT weigh in on the issue. But 57% of those who did cast a ballot said NO thanks.  
HEBER CITY Proposition

Number of Precincts

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Total Votes



The Moral of the Story: Make your voice heard - before the decision is made. 

1 Read the petition,and your neighbors' comments. 
2 Read the source links in the petition and the Highlights.
3 Decide if this is a NEED and appropriate use of government money (aka tax money from various sources.
Sign the Petition requesting that no decision will be made without a vote of the people. (It would also be appropriate to delay any decision for ten years.) 
5 Add your own comments
6 Email, call or contact others to offer them the opportunity to join. 
Any airport expansion decision lies solely with a majority of the five member Heber City Council.   There is no requirement for them to approve an upgrade.

More Later, thanks for reading, feel free to PASS IT ON.  Click on the "Online Version" in the right panel for the online link.     Read the Wasatch Blog for more controversial info. 

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